School V Home School?

School V Home School!

Access the best of both worlds by combining school enrolment with home education!

Here at Langley we love to support all learners.

Some students thrive in a structured, external learning environment, like school, but some students may thrive in a more creatively directed and/or familiar space, like the home.

Have you considered partial enrolment otherwise known as ‘part-time’ schooling for your child?

Capitalise on the benefits of traditional schooling with its structure and routines, social learning and access to trained teachers, state programs and national testing.

Capitalise on the benefits of homeschooling with its choice of content, flexibility and access to real-time opportunities beyond the schools four walls and timetable.  

Home education allows you to meaningfully impart the values and learning you think are important to help navigate your child towards adulthood. 

Why not combine both?

We would love to partner with you on your child's learning journey!

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