About Us

Brand new classroom/admin/breakout area, all air conditioned and have the latest interactive whiteboards. All students have access to computers and ipads for learning.

Physical activity is part of daily life at Langley. The school has an excellent Tiger Turf surface which children use for sporting activities as well as a multitude of games during free play. Fitness stations enhance the variety of fitness activities available to children.

Spacious natural play areas encompass two separate sets of playground equipment, a large covered sandpit and outdoor chess settings, all increasing play opportunities to cover the range of student ages.

We have a spacious amphitheatre in which we gather for assemblies, concerts, dance and presentations. 'The Big Room' is large multipurpose hall which provides an indoor play area for wet days and to showcase students, musical, dramatic and artistic talents.

Library Facilities
The MARC Van is at our school once a week enhancing the literary outcomes for students. Library sessions provide an introducion to a variety of literature, children are taught how to use the library resources effectively, and assisted in developing skills in research and accessing information. The children are encouraged to borrow books from the van for recreational reading at school and at home. Parents may also borrow books and materials. Parents are expected to ensure that children care for the books that are taken home and should contact their MARC teacher should a book become lost or damaged. A library bag with the childs name is required. Preps are supplied with one at the beginning of the year.

School Hours
9.00am School Commences
11.00am Morning Recess
11.30am Classes Commence
1.00pm Lunch in Rooms
1.15pm Lunch Recess
2.00pm Classes Commence
3.30pm Dismissal

Frances Langenberg (Principal)
Vicki Nettleton
Stacey Michell
Amanda Copeland
Bec Welsh
Jocelyn Russell (MARC Library)
Lou Bray (Business Manager)
Ged Seddon (Integration)