Child Safe Standards

The Victorian Government is commited to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. Langley Primary School has developed a new Child Safe Standard Policy in 2018 to meet our obligations.

Child Safe Standards 1 - Child Safety Officer 

Child Safe Standards 1 - Child Safety Officer Organisational Structure 

Child Safe Standards 2 - Child Safety Policy

Child Safe Standards 3 - Code of Conduct  

Child Safe Standards 3 - Code of Conduct Declaration

Child Safe Standards 4 - Staff Selection 

Child Safe Standards 5 - Obligations Policy and Procedure

Child Safe Standards 6 - Risk Assessment 

Child Safe Standards 6 - Risk Assessment Chart

Child Safe Standards 7 - Child Empowerment

Useful links and Contacts

Below are services you can contact to speak with someone regarding any concerns.

Kids Help Line - 1800 551 800 At any time and for any reason – free, private and confidential phone and online counselling 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Headspace (National Youth Mental Health Foundation) - 1800 650 890 Headspace can help if you are aged 12 or over and you are going through a tough time. You can talk to someone at Headspace on the phone, online or in person. They also have a lot of information on their website.

Victorian Centre Against Sexual Assault - 1800 806 292 Victorian Centres Against Sexual Assault provide services to child and adult victims/survivors of sexual assault. The assault may have occurred recently or in the past.

Working With Children Check WWCC

Based on the new legislation and best practice that is in line with the Child Safe Standards, it is now a requirement for all parents and carers who volunteer their time at Langley Primary School to have a valid WWCC. For more information about how to get your volunteer WWCC please see Lou or apply online here (there is no fee for a volunteer WWCC.)