Our Guiding Principles

We inspire students to be enthusiastic, self-motivated learners in an environment that rewards personal best,  creativity and  collaboration to become life-long learners and to rise boldly to the opportunities of their times.

To achieve this, we are committed to providing a challenging, supportive and personalised learning environment, based on our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Courage and Kindness. We dedicate ourselves to inspiring in each student a passion for learning, preparing them to become confident, creative and articulate individuals who have the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes to shape their own future, and contribute meaningfully to the international community.

Langley Primary School also embraces broader aspirations: to continue to stand out with excellence in teaching and learning, to be appreciated as an active contributor in our local community and to support the wellbeing, achievement, positive values, enterprising nature of young people. 

The Langley Primary School’s Mission Statement and WAVES priorities underpin everything we do. Each of these priorities is addressed within the curriculum, which includes setting high expectations for both students and staff, promoting, and supporting each individual to achieve their personal best. We combine this with a safe and supportive educational environment, and a solid partnership between home and school to give every student the care and attention needed to develop self-esteem and confidence. The knowledge of each family, their cultures and values supports us to address the Values aspect of  WAVES, culminating in a holistic education and a well-rounded student. It is this personal approach, together with a focus on student Wellbeing that promotes the positive relationships that enable our students to thrive.


Langley Primary school supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian Democracy in its educational programs and polices. Specifically we are committed to:

  1. Elected Government.
  2. The rule of law.
  3. Equal rights for all before the law.
  4. Freedom of religion.
  5. Freedom of speech and association.
  6. The values of openness and tolerance.


We also adhere to the broader principles as outlined in the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians.