Environment And Sustainability

Langley Primary School commenced its Sustainability Journey in 2019

  • Joined the ResourceSmart Schools Program administered by Resourcesmart
  • Drafted a School Environmental Management Plan and several new policies including Green Purchasing and Sustainability were approved by school council.
  • Reduced waste sent to landfill at school

o    Removing bins in the school grounds.

o    Removing the skip bins

o    Increasing recycling – in addition to recycling in the classrooms, recycling of batteries, mobile phones, soft plastic, writing instruments and dental products was made available to the school community and collected at reception.

  • Strongly encouraged students to bring Nude Food.
  • Students completed an biodiversity audit.
  • Participated in Clean Up AustraliaWalk to School,  and World Environment Day.
  • Included sustainability initiatives in the curriculum wherever possible, including the energy audit as part of the science curriculum, the transport audit being used as a data project and making beeswax food wraps as an art project.

In 2021 we are establishing a larger vegetable garden that will support our cooking program.