School Readiness

School Readiness Excursions


Welcome to Langley Primary School’s School Readiness Excursions for Preschoolers. 

Our definition of preschoolers includes any child aged 4 and up who are not yet enrolled in school.


We facilitate 1.5 - 2 hour excursions that give preschoolers a short school experience of ‘big school’.

Our next scheduled program will be held on Tuesday 30 July 2024 from 10 - 11.45am


We also facilitate ‘part-time’ schooling which enables students to attend school 2-4 days a week, with suggestions on what to supplement or add to a students schooling in terms of homeschooling


Our program includes

  • A tour of our school
  • A practice listening to bells and lining up for class
  • A model lesson including phonics and match up activities 
  • Recess play - group games
  • Trying on a school uniform
  • What to pack in a school bag (getting ready for school competition races)
  • How to make friends tutorial etc 


What is meant by ‘school readiness’?

The government describes school readiness as, ‘A measure of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that enable children to participate and succeed in school.’

It’s about the development of the whole child (not just their academic ability), and school readiness includes the following skills and capabilities:

  • Social skills, e.g. a child’s ability to play independently and in a group, assert themselves and show basic manners
  • Emotional maturity, e.g. being able to focus on tasks, follow instructions and manage their emotions
  • Language skills, e.g. a child’s ability to talk and listen to others, communicate their needs, understand stories and start to identify some letters and sounds
  • Cognitive skills, e.g. a child possessing basic number sense and thinking skills, and being able to take turns and wait
  • Physical health, fine motor skills and coordination, e.g. being able to grip a pencil, turn book pages, run, jump, climb and play ball, and
  • Independence, e.g. a child’s ability to go to the toilet without a grown-up, unwrap their lunch, and manage their belongings and clothing.

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Getting to Langley:

Our address is 7 Parsell Road, Langley, which is a 10 minute drive north of Kyneton.

Public transport is unfortunately very meagre from Kyneton to Langley. 

If you have any questions please contact Erica Salisbury on 0408 484 066, or or the school office on 03 5423 4125 or